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Summer Reading Initiative


YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN A SUMMER READING INITIATIVE. Students experience significant learning loss when they do not participate in educational activities during the summer months. “The achievement gap in reading scores between higher and lower income students increases over summer vacation. The research shows that achievement for both middle-and lower-income students improves at a similar rate during the school year” (Gundlach, 2019). Therefore, simply reading just 4-5 books during the summer can prevent a decline in a student’s fall reading scores.

In aligning with our Superintendent’s Expectations and his support of the Scholastic Summer Book Packs, Butterfield invites you to record yourself reading any K-5 book at home, at a coffeehouse, in your backyard, or any other convenient place. Your recording/video clip will then be posted on the school’s website. This way our scholars’ have access to books read by familiar faces and school community members. Additionally, this approach will also increase the access to reading materials to all our students regardless of reading ability.

A few things, the reader’s name, job title, title of book, and book age range, designated for the book, needs to be included with your video clip which should be sent to Butterfield would like an ample representation of reading samples in all grade levels and in both English and Spanish. Teachers, since you will have access to the Scholastic Summer Books, it would be great if you each took a book or two and read the books by Scholastic designated for your grade level. All other community members are encouraged to read any other book that are K-5. Please submit your video clips on or before June 14, 2019.
Thank you for your consideration in participating in this Summer Reading Initiative!

Dr. Chalfant
                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Chalfant
Reference: Gundlach, M. “Summer Reading Statistics: Is Summer Brain Drain a Reality?” Bright Hub Education: 2019.