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Butterfield Elementary School

Parents » African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC)

African American Parent Advisory Council (AAPAC)

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will now be on Saturdays...Please see attached document...

Purpose of the Council

To involve and engage African American parents in the decision-making process that would lead to improving the quality of education for African American students by raising the level of awareness in our community about cultural learning differences and promoting an understanding among parents, educators, and others about culturally sensitive issues relating to the education of African American students.

To provide support to African American students and families in order to close the achievement gap. AAPAC will discuss and make informed recommendations to the School Site Council on the needs of African American students and families.

The council seeks to celebrate the achievements of African American students and to bridge any gaps between them and their Asian, Caucasian, and Latin American counterparts.

Meetings include presentations and speakers discussing college savings and financial assistance, parent involvement and how to help your child prepare for college.

All parents and interested community members are invited to join and participate.

Mission of the Council

The mission of the council is to honor and embrace the identity and experiences of African American families, advocate for the cultural acceptance of all, and mobilize and engage all stakeholders to transform the system to ensure a high quality education for every student.

Vision of the Council

The council respects and embraces the diverse cultures of our community, facilitates educational equity and improvements in academic outcomes, values varied forms of parent involvement to foster the healthy development of all students, and provides the tools and skills necessary for families to access information to purposefully participate in a rapidly changing world.

Goals of the Council

1. Engage, equip, and empower parents to advocate for the academic success of their children.
2. Mobilize community resources to expand and improve the educational opportunities for all students.
3. Ensure academic success through high expectations, rigorous and challenging curricula and instruction.
4. Work to enhance and support the educational, personal, and career goals of every student.
5. Encourage success in the regular school program through a collaborative decision-making process within the district, school level, and community.
6. Assist in the development and implementation of site goals, objectives, and priorities of school programs.
7. Provide communication and foster cooperation between home, school and administration.