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2023 Saluting Educator (Classified): Julissa Gutierrez

2023 Saluting Educator (Classified): Julissa Gutierrez

Julissa Gutierrez | Instructional Assistant, English Language Learners

Butterfield Language Academy

Julissa Gutierrez has been an Instructional Assistant, ELL for more than 10 years. She is
kind, flexible, and always willing to help in any way possible. Julissa is very kind to all
students, parents, teachers, and staff. Recently, she stepped in to work out of class for
one of the very special Kindergarten students that needs 1:1 assistance. Additionally,
Julissa participates in school-wide events with her whole family. Julissa’s kindness,
willingness, and love for the kids shines through in all she does.

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